What ELTOC means to our community

25 April 2024
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The English Language Teaching Online Conference (ELTOC) is the biggest online English language teaching event worldwide. Every year, we host several chapters so English language teachers around the world can attend three days of virtual professional development sessions, and access high-quality, expert-led resources to support them in the classroom—all for free. 

From Multimodal Literacy, to supporting young learners with their first contact with English, ELTOC’s workshops are dedicated to helping teachers reflect on—and improve—their students’ experiences with language learning. 

We wanted to better understand the impact of ELTOC on English language teaching skills, and how the resources and webinars have supported teachers. We asked 392 attendees worldwide whether attending the autumn 2023 ELTOC event motivated them to develop their English language teaching skills further.

The suggestions and strategies we proposed to improve their existing teaching skills motivated them to develop further. 

“Seeing the motivation that is shared by teachers all around the world has certainly sparked within me a desire to grow as an educator.

Seeing the educational benefits of applying new skills and techniques to their teaching motivated them to develop further. 

“It was not only the new ideas and tips but also reassuring myself that I am on the right track of my teaching skills.”

The opportunity to connect to the latest trends and practices in English language teaching by attending ELTOC motivated them to develop further. 

“ELTOC has had a significant impact on my teaching methods. The tools, resources and knowledge that ELTOC shares have helped me stay up to date with the latest techniques and approaches to improve my students’ learning outcome. 

The ELTOC Toolkit supports their professional development with educational resources that help them prepare for their learning and apply it in practice. 

“It’s been my desire to develop my teaching skills but due to lack of time and resources I couldn’t. But ELTOC has made it very easy for me to enhance my skills.”

Whether you’re at the beginning of your English language teaching journey, or are a seasoned member of the teaching community, ELTOC can provide you with the support and resources you need to develop yourself and your students.

Want to join thousands of other teachers at the next ELTOC? Registrations for Chapter 8 are now opensign up here to get involved.

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