Attending the 75th Edition of the Frankfurt Book Fair 

14 November 2023
2 min read

The Frankfurt Book Fair (FBM), the world’s largest trade fair for books, held its 75th edition for five days in October, and we were delighted to host many of our customers and partners at the Oxford University Press stand.  

This event brought together more than 105,000 trade visitors from 130 countries, providing a platform for publishers, authors, distributors, and literary enthusiasts to celebrate the power of literature and its role in connecting people across the globe. 

We joined this year’s edition of the FBM with a varied portfolio from our Education, Academic, and English Language Teaching departments. Through hosting more than 200 meetings, we enjoyed connecting with our community, leading valuable discussions on our titles and projects, and exploring industry trends and emerging opportunities. This will allow us to continue our commitment to evolve and improve our work and help more and more people around the world achieve their potential. 

In addition to celebrating literature, the Frankfurt Pavilion hosted a plethora of cultural and political debates, a great opportunity for our team to gain important insights on how international conflict and climate change are shaping today’s interconnected world. As one of the largest university presses in the world, we recognize that the ideas conveyed through publishing can have a profound impact on society and our ability to understand the world around us.

International events like the Frankfurt Book Fair help us in our mission to ensure we produce robust and credible content that is disseminated in an equitable and sustainable way, through enabling open access, advancing the principles of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, upholding ethical conduct, and improving our own environmental impact.

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