Building on our primary maths line-up with Number Sense Maths

5 December 2023
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Oxford University Press has acquired Number Sense Maths to help bring greater support to UK primary teachers in building children’s ability and confidence in mastering maths.

This is an exciting step as we expand our portfolio of primary mathematics resources, which already includes our award-winning Numicon Apparatus and online resources such as MyMaths. Last year we worked with schools and partners across 159 countries to develop educational resources in 71 languages that supported 53 million learners.

Fathima Dada, OUP’s Education Managing Director, shared:

“Our vision is to transform the way teachers and learners feel about maths by boosting impact and bringing learners confidence and success. Number Sense Maths is both unique and innovative and will perfectly complement our existing portfolio of trusted maths products that are underpinned by research and expertise to have an impact on teaching and learning.”

The founders of Number Sense Maths were inspired by their classroom experience to research and develop three teaching programmes and associated training for teachers. These programmes build a deep understanding of number and number relationships, and develop fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts and concepts for all children.

We’re delighted that the existing Number Sense Maths team will be working with OUP and continuing to deliver the excellent resources, training, and support that their schools expect. They will work with experts across OUP to further develop their programmes and offer these to more teachers and learners.

The founders of Number Sense Maths added:

“Number Sense Maths was created and designed by educators for educators, informed by research into children’s attainment of number sense, fluency in addition and subtraction facts, and fluency in multiplication facts. We are delighted that OUP will enable us to reach more teachers and students to build on the positive feedback we have had so far on our programmes. We will continue to lead the business, developing our resources based on what teachers want and need.”

Find out more about Number Sense Maths.

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