Excellence in book production: OUP India wins two awards

30 September 2023
2 min read

The Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) has awarded OUP for ‘Excellence in Book Production’ in two categories. 

The Oxford Student Atlas was awarded second place in the ‘Reference Book-Hindi’ category. This product has garnered recognition as one of the most revered products, winning eight excellence awards in the last ten years.  

The newly released bilingual dictionary Compact English-English-Telugu (second edition) won second place in the ‘Reference Books–Regional Language’ category. These dictionaries were distributed earlier this year to over 4 million schoolchildren by the Indian government. 

These awards recognize our dedication to upholding the highest standards of excellence, fostering innovation, and consistently delivering exceptional products to our valued readers and learners.  

The FIP’s awards were designed to enhance the quality of book production, not only aspects such as paper quality, printing, and binding but also extending to design and typography, layout and readability, and the overall aesthetic appeal of the books. Remarkably, these awards stand as the singular national recognition within the publishing industry, eliciting an overwhelming response from across the expanse of India. 

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