Our course launched on China’s national digital learning platform

20 September 2023
3 min read

We are pleased to share that a digital course developed by our Mainland China (MLC) team has launched on China’s national digital learning platform. 

The course, based on MLC’s local content series Talk About China with Oxford (TAC) was piloted under China’s National Center for Education Technology (NCET) in Xuzhou City in August this year.  

Tailor-made for the NCET’s Read the World, Talk about China after-school service programme, our course has 128 activity lessons in a multimedia format. The lessons are delivered around the exploratory journey of Kankan and Shanshan – two characters from the TAO series – around China and the world. Through vivid and interesting stories depicted in animation and comics, the course provides students with an engaging learning experience while encouraging project-based learning. 

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