Reporting on the digital divide at Downing Street 

20 June 2023
3 min read

What has been our impact on the current state of the digital divide? 

To mark the 25th anniversary of our charity partner, Computer Aid, we were invited to participate in an event in Downing Street last week. Held in the State Room of 10 Downing Street, we discussed the current state of the digital divide across the world, with 32 people representing Computer Aid, private sector companies interested in learning more about sustainability and digital issues—such as Airbus and Meta—as well as special advisors at Number 10. 

Our UK Policy Director, Avnee Morjaria, shared insights from our 2021 report on the Deepening Digital Divide, including recommendations for how we can address inequalities.  

Reflecting on the experience, Avnee said: “It was an honour to be invited by Computer Aid to celebrate their anniversary and mark the occasion with a discussion about the digital divide that, as we know, affects the most disadvantaged learners and compounds inequality. Both of our organizations are aligned in our mission to provide access to the tools that learners around the world need to thrive in today’s digital world.” 

We work alongside Computer Aid to provide access to technology for those who need it most. In 2021-22, we donated over 3,000 pieces of equipment, including computing equipment, printers, mobile phones, and accessories. Our donations spanned over six continents and 41 countries. This partnership is part of a range of charitable activities and donations we undertake to extend the impact we have on our communities worldwide, helping us operate sustainably. 

Hear more about Computer Aid’s important work at the recent Oxford Forum event, where Keith Sonnet, Computer Aid’s Chief Executive, joined a panel to explore the practical steps we need to take to ensure that digital technology in education and research works for the whole world. 

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