A camel library supported by books from Book Aid

15 May 2024
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In the 2023/24 financial year, we donated over 215,000 books to Book Aid International, supporting them in sending 1.2 million books to 164 partners in 22 countries worldwide—reaching even the most remote places, sharing the power of books with millions of people who would otherwise have no or very little access to books.

Mustafe from Somalia runs a unique library for remote communities, where every book is transported by camel. Many users of the camel library are pastoralists who move frequently to graze their cattle. The camel library’s ability to reach places inaccessible even to vehicles is crucial in ensuring everyone who desires can access books. This initiative provides access to knowledge and education, which can make a difference in their lives.

“The camel library is so far the biggest support we have received. It means books now reach people in even the most remote places.”

Mustafe, Somaliland

Donations to Book Aid International facilitate educational and enrichment opportunities across thousands of schools, libraries, universities, refugee camps, prisons, and hospitals. Last year, donations supported Book Aid in several key initiatives such as:

  • Launching the ambitious Generation Reader campaign, aimed at helping children and young people in Africa realize their potential through the power of books
  • Expanding efforts in Liberia to create new school and community libraries after decades of war and an Ebola outbreak
  • Continuing projects to establish school libraries in refugee settlements in Uganda
  • Supporting partner initiatives like the camel and mountain bike libraries, which bring books to remote communities in Somaliland and Uganda
  • Sending over 25,000 books to help restock libraries damaged by the war in Ukraine.
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Book Aid International shares the power of books and helps create a more equal world where everyone has access to books that will enrich and improve their lives.

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